Pass Plus

If you want to prolong the feel good factor of passing your driving test, you can and save money by simply undertaking a short course which has no final test.
Completing this quick course may entitle you to a discount on your car insurance from the majority of the private car insurance market.
You will receive a certificate on completion from the Driving Standards Agency to claim the discount. The course can be undertaken after passing your driving
test. Any later than a year after passing and it would be advisable to check with specific insurance companies for eligibility of discounts.
The course consists of driving on unfamiliar road types to the new driver in different conditions, such as:

  • In town
  • On rural roads
  • In all weathers
  • On dual carriageways & motorways
  • In the dark

Unfortunately in Britain, roughly one fifth of all reported fatalities involve at least one young driver.
The structured syllabus of Pass Plus gives you valuable experience at a crucial time in your driving life.
Jaz School Of Motoring is committed to safe driving for life and is not just a driving school to get people through their tests.